2007 Wedding Preparation

With the wedding season just around the corner I’m contacting all my brides, planning engagement sessions, creating schedules, exchanging emails, working out the final details…loving every minute! This is what it’s all about! The pay off for all of our preparation; finally getting to shoot their weddings.

Today I went with Molly and Andrew to the Lafayette Club, Minnetonka Beach, Minnesota.



I love this shot (above)…they look like they could be somewhere in Europe!

It was exciting to be walking on the grounds with the future bride and groom, picturing the day, talking about the people involved, and standing where everything will happen. It’s a gorgeous reception hall! If you’re still looking, I’d check it out!




Although I’ll be very busy this year, I’m thankful to be passionate about my job and more so, I’m happy that my career allows me to be home with my daughter!

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