35W Pictures after the fall!

Sorry I didn’t blog these earlier but I was trying to track down the origin of these pictures…I’m sorry to whoever took them I’d would’ve gladly given you credit! When I heard about the collapse part of me wanted to get in the car and go to the sight myself; wanting to see it with my own eyes and capture it with my camera. I didn’t because I couldn’t, we already had plans for the night…I’m glad for that when I see these pictures. If you know the origin of these pictures please leave a comment…and I’ll feel better!

I still can’t believe this happened so close to home and that it could’ve been me 24 hours earlier.







Amazingly awful.


Jen Murray (Quad Mom) - August 7, 2007 - 3:03 pm

Noemi – Just now commenting on your site, but I’ve been enjoying your amazing gift of photography and I’ve been praying for the Morrison’s. I found their site when they were pregnant and it has hit me so hard, as a mom with 6 month old quads, who by God’s grace have survived beating all “odds”. I am sure, being from the Twin Cities Area, you are familiar with John Piper – I was soooooo blessed by his blog and response to the bridge collapse. Because of God’s mercy, we can breathe this very breath. He is our only hope. I hope that your readers check out this link….


The Murray Quads
Jen, Brad (Henry, Isaac, Brooks, and Clark)

Jill - August 9, 2007 - 10:01 am

I think this might be who took these pictures. I have an email that has some of these same photos in it.

Jeff Willer, Tom Sweeney, Joey McLeister, David Brewster, Brian Peterson / Star Tribune

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