A Wedding Photographer’s look at 2009!

In this business you’re always looking ahead! It’s normal planning a year or more in advance…the event can feel so far away. I love it when New Year’s comes and goes; then it feels real! 2009 is here! This is the year those weddings are happening and they are closer then I think! Before I know it the excited engaged couples who spend countless hours thinking through every detail are walking down the aisle and dancing at their very own reception! I LOVE WEDDINGS! There is something in me that loves the bride and the groom finally getting to come together and become their own family!

Looking back at 2008 and looking ahead to 2009 I’m so thankful to be a wedding photographer, I’m really blessed to be able to live and work in Minneapolis. This is my home.


James Helms - January 5, 2009 - 11:20 am

Wedding photography is obviously your passion, I’m glad that you are doing something that you really enjoy. It’s terrible to think that people actually despise going to work. I occasionally listen to Gary Vaynerchuk online, he’s a successful Wine merchant and hosts Wine Library T.V. his advice is to work where you have passion, that is what you have done.

I’ve never been to the Minneapolis area before or anywhere in Minnesota. It’s a beautiful place, one that I will have to visit sometime.

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