American Idol

I’m a huge fan! Seriously…I look forward to watching every week! It’s been funny these last couple of weeks Matt and I watch Idol Tuesday and Wednesday then, we switch gears to watch College basketball on the weekends. We are very well rounded!

Even though I’m a faithful “watcher…I never vote! Being a singer, I love the contest and I love the edge of needing to sing your best every week! I think my favorite part as a spectator is being the judge on my couch and then hearing the judges answers afterwards…seeing if they get it right! But, If I was on the show I know my favorite part would be hair and make-up! How fun would it be to get all dolled-up every week?

It’s amazing how attached I get to the contestants…my favorites this year are Carly Smithson (the Irish girl) and the cute little 17 year old David Archuleta (the one who’s always saying “thank you, thank you!”) But, I agree that’s it’s one of the strongest seasons!

Anyone else watching? Who’s your favorite?

Amber Kmoch - April 2, 2008 - 9:24 am

Hi Noemi,

I have checked your website here and there for updates on the Morrisons. I read your entry today – and I love Idol too! My old roommates & I have a group on Facebook where we are constantly online during the shows, critiquing everyone and everything. My faves are Brooke White and Jason Castro. They are both so sweet and innocent! I like David Archuleta too. I do like Carly, but she’s like TOO good! I want someone to win who hasn’t already had a record contract (Carly has, Michael Johns has, and Kristy Lee has). I can’t “hate” Carly too much, though, because she has such a darling Irish accent! Anyway, if you’re on Facebook, you’ll welcome to join our group! (most of us graduated from Northwestern College up there; now I live in Iowa doing youth ministry w/ my husband).

Take care!
Mason City, IA

Shana - April 2, 2008 - 10:01 am

I am a HUGE fan too!! American Idol and Dancing with the Stars are the ONLY two shows I watch, so this is my favorite time of year!! Being an East Tennessee girl, I LOVED last nights show. My favorites are David Cook, Michael Johns and Carly Smithson and the funny thing is I LOVE country music and don’t care for rock at all (which these 3 do the best), but I think these three can sing and perform the best. I was an Archuleta, Brooke and Jason Gastro fan at first, but they seem to only be able to sing one type of melodies and I think the winner should be able to sing ALL types of songs.

BTW, I’m so anxious to find out what name you picked for your little one. Can’t wait until you have him!!

Robin - April 2, 2008 - 10:03 am

I am a huge fan!!! I too love Carly and was glad she was able to step it up a notch this week. She hasn’t been too great the two weeks prior. I like David A., but I don’t think he is “star” material. I just don’t think I would go to his concert or buy his CDs. My top three are Carly, Michael and David Cook.

dena - April 3, 2008 - 12:58 pm

At this point I would be happy if Brooke, David A., Michael, or Carly won. I agree, very strong competitors! I’m pretty sure I’ll buy Brooke’s CD even if she doesnt win, she’s my fav, love her folky voice.

You’re expecting your baby already!? When’s the due date?

Susan - April 4, 2008 - 7:53 am

I love watching Idol. Look forward to it each week. And I’m 53-years-old. Is that normal for a “mature” woman? I agree with Robin – Carly, Michael, and David…and I think David may win. He knows how to change-up a song and make it sound contemporary.

Beka - April 5, 2008 - 12:32 pm

My favs are pretty much the same as those above, but I have a special liking of Christy. I don’t think she will win (or should win probably – she just seems like the prom queen or something, pretty, great voice and normal…).

I just love her because she is from Selma, OR – which is this tiny town in southern Oregon where my family would go camping just about every summer at Lake Selmac. My sister Liz was actually married by the lake there. So she has a little piece of my heart simply because she’s from “home” to me. 🙂 All that to say, I’m surprised she’s still on the show! I know it’s only a matter of time, but I smile when I see her make it another week.

Jason and I are Idol fans every season but personally I’m so done with the auditions – they are then same thing every year and just dumb in my opinion – I’m always happen when it finally gets to Hollywood and we’re down to the good stuff!

I don’t vote usually either – I have a few times in past when I’m worried someone I like won’t make it. I figure it’s no use voting for the favorites, the obviously good ones, cause everyone else is!

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