AND still more of other people’s fav’s…

Hi Noemi,Hope I’m not too late on this one. I was hoping you would do something like this because I captured this pic of Sofi this summer, and it has become my all time favorite! It captures her personality so well – one who embraces life with great passion and feels things deeply! It also captures good ‘ol summer fun, as there is nothing like running through a sprinkler or a fountain!
I haven’t had a chance to look at the pics you’ve posted yet, but I’m heading to my computer with a cup of coffee and a few moments to relax very soon. I can’t wait!



Hi Noemi.

You always have the best ideas!!! This is fun! Attached is one of my favorite pictures of my 3 boys (it’s so hard to choose). I just love the look on my oldest son’s face as he looks as his new baby brothers. My oldest is 3 and the twins were born in February of this year, and this picture was taken the week they came home. My oldest would just sit and stare at them for a long time each night after baths – so proud!!!

Thanks so much!

Julie Day


Thanks for playing!

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