AUGHH…too many entries for the contest!

I had no idea how many of you would enter into my contest. I’m really happy but the blog is going to be huge! I’m running out of letters in the alphabet!!! CRA-ZY! I didn’t think through the time it would take me to catalog everything…I really hope I get everything right (please forgive me if I get your name or town wrong!)

I’m really excited to see who wins! MAKE SURE YOU VOTE!

Kirsty - October 31, 2007 - 1:52 am

Ooohhh.. I am excited now!
I didn’t enter, because I don’t have any autumn pictures yet, and it happens to be spring over here in Australia, so I have to wait 6 mths. Lol. But will definitely look forward to seeing the entries and voting! Yay! Thanks, Noemi!

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