Christmas Greeting Cards

I love this season! Leading up to Christmas and in the New Yeay I get “real” mail every day! You know the mail that someone I know has taken the time to address the envelope, print pictures and write an update on their family for the year. It’s so great…Matt and I read every one of them and we save all the pictures.

Because we pastor and both have family in three different countries we do 150-200 Christmas cards every year. Some I hand out at church and the rest I drop into the post. It’s pricey but totally worth it! I know the people receiving can’t wait to see how much more gorgeous my kids are this year 🙂

What do you do? Where do you get yours done. Is it worth it? What would you do differently?

Melissa Gruber - December 12, 2008 - 1:20 pm

I LOVE Christmas cards…they are my favorite! And each year, I want them to be different in a way, but the same. I use a lady by the name of Gina…she does all kinds of paper things…she did all of our wedding stuff! I just LOVE her. Our card is similar each year, because she does it, but a little different, the picture, the saying and the layout. This year, we used a great saying from Mother Teresa.
And my other biggest thing about our Christmas card is I don’t want anyone else to have the same one…silly I know, but I just love that it is special and one-of-kind.

We send out about 100, because Todd has such a big family. But, it is totally worth it!
Thanks for sharing!
Merry Christmas!

PS: you can check Gina out at her blog… and she has a shop at is her seller’s name.

Jennifer - December 12, 2008 - 2:33 pm

We love Christmas cards too! I love to receive them with pictures of other families and hope that everyone loves to see our son as well. For the last couple of years we have gotten photo cards through Target and Kodak’s website that benefit St. Jude (10 cents from every card goes to their charity). I feel great giving back this time of year in any way we can and this does double duty! You have to go to Target’s website and then log on to Kodak’s from there to see them. For some reason they are not on Kodak’s main website. We usually send out about 80 cards and this is a relatively inexpensive route to do so.

Have a Merry Christmas! I hope you post your Christmas cards. I love seeing all your pictures and your adorable family!


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