Documenting Sextuplets!

This is crazy…and incredible! One of my closest friends (Brianna Morrison) found out that she’s having 6 babies at one time!


I’m over the shock of it, but take a minute to think about the logistics and you may need to sit down.

Here’s the lovely couple. Married just under 2 years and I think they’re both 24!


She’s got tons of support from family, friends and through our church but she’s going to need SOOOO MUCH MORE. So, I decided to document to growing of the belly…A, B, C, D, E, F!


I took pictures at 8 weeks!


And just yesterday I was visiting her and got 13 week pictures! All the babies are doing great…strong heart beats and everyone is measuring well within normal range!



They’ve started a website so you can follow there progress and help with the incredible amount of “STUFF” they are going to need! Check it out:

Knowing that life is miracle; Ryan and Brianna find themselves incredibly blessed! You can help by linking their website to your blog and telling all your friends about this miracle…well, it’s really six miracles!


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