I was just on Facebook (yes, I do Facebook and I love it!) and on the left hand side there’s usually an advertisement right? Well, today’s said “32 and needing to loose weight?” WOW! I thought that was a little too close to home! Is someone writing to me specifically? I don’t know but, it was kinda annoying and funny at the same time. I’ll be crying myself to sleep tonight for sure.

Anyways, moving on to a happier subject…I love Facebook for so many reasons! I play games with my sisters who live in England and Canada…it makes me feel like there really close. I can know what everyone is doing from their “status” but not have to comment unless I want to! I can be in touch with tons of people with very little effort on my part! AND I can feel good about myself every time someone asks to be my friend…it really is an ingenious invention!

I’m giggling about this blog…totally random.


Amber Kmoch - July 18, 2008 - 12:20 pm

Hi Noemi,
I’ve written comments on your blog a few times, and I have been checking yours here and there since the Morrison 6 were born. Anyway, I thought I’d let you know I’m a fellow Facebook lover! WOOT! 🙂 hehe…..I got addicted in college a few years ago, and even though now I’m a married, employed professional, I still love it! What a great way to connect! (although once in awhile I have to take a Facebook ‘fast’ because I recognize I am getting too addicted!)

Chandra - July 18, 2008 - 12:30 pm

I am also 32 and have seen that advertisement on facebook. It is actually geared toward you because of your age…so not to worry. I have another friend who is 34 and she has the same ad on her facebook from time to time but it says “34 and need to lose weight?”
No wonder so many girls have eating disorders with this type of advertising! I am expecting my third baby right now and I try to be as healthy as I can and not worry about the weight. I know I am growing a beautiful healthy baby and in 12 weeks I’ll be providing all the nourishment that baby needs….what better reason to gain a little weight can there be? I saw your pictures when you were pregnant…and you were not heavy….just wonderfully pregnant. I bet you look fantastic right now…. I know you ARE fantastic because you are feeding and loving a gorgeous little boy.

Cari - July 18, 2008 - 2:15 pm

yes Noemi – you are random! Still love you though!

Cyndee - July 30, 2008 - 11:10 am

Okay, Noemi, I just had to comment, because I just got off facebook where I have also experienced the “47 and overweight?” thing. However, the one today said, “Trying to get pregnant?” Now, seriously, if they know I am 47 why THE HECK would they think I’m trying to get pregnant!?!?!? hahaha! I still love Facebook, though 🙂

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