Focused Photography Workshops

I need to update you on this. A couple of months ago I asked who would be interested in coming to a workshop where you’d learn basics to advanced photography techniques and be able to participate in real photo shoots…I had about 15 people write me and say they were interested. I got really excited and started planning. (I have the coolest logo designed and everything) I got together with a couple studios I really respect and it looked like we could pull it together in a short amount of time. But, unfortunately, after much discussion we’ve decided to postpone the workshop. With me just having a baby and the rest of us getting into wedding season, time was against us. So, we’re not having the workshop in June but, you better believe that I will be planning a workshop in the near future. There’s something about blessing other people with the knowledge of photography…I know I get to encourage you through my blog but, I can’t wait for the day that we’ll get to do it in person!

Thank you to everyone interested…keep reading and I’ll let you know way in advance when I start planning the next workshop.

Mandi - September 2, 2008 - 6:40 pm

Hi I am doing research on photography right now thinking about getting more training/education with photography myself and saw your website come up with the photo workshop…looks like you have been a busy bee this summer…any chance on possibly doing a fall session???

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