Going out for breakfast!

I love the art of breakfast food! We’ve been out for HUGE breakfasts twice in the past couple of days and it’s so yummy! I’m huge on Omelettes packed with ingredients…I figure I’m getting more for my money AND I didn’t have to chop it all!

These are the kinds of breakfasts that come with 2 pieces of toast, homestyle fries, pancakes and then a huge omelette! I’ll be full for ages but it was worth every last bite!

Normally I’m a mixed cereal girl (I like buy tons of cereal so I can mix and match all the different kinds) but, when I’m on vacation I love BIG BREAKFASTS!

What’s your favorite breakfast?Anything I should try?


Eleanor - July 4, 2008 - 10:44 am

I love Eggs Benedict!! Thats my breakfast treat when I’m in Canada.

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