Noemi Isabel Hedrick


Alright, first of all, thought I’d start out grossing you out! Yes, I love steak! Sorry if you can’t read because gagging! If you’re able to continue, here’s the low down…

I’m the second of four; three redheads and then my brother who was blessed with brown! We’re very close in age; four kids in five years AND 2 of the four work as photographers…weird.

I’ve been married almost seven years and have a little girl named Adriah who’s almost two. She’s adorable and I love watching the world through her eyes. Matt (my husband) is my best friend. We’re both Canadian, but love Minneapolis and intend to stay here forever!

I just turned 31 and two days later cut 5 inches off my hair and added lots of highlights and “texture”. Basically, I look normal from the front and like a rock-star from behind. I love it! I always want to have alittle risk in my life.

I love almost anything creative: singing (to the One I love), quilting (not old-school, but funky stuff), scrapbooking (I’ve switched to digital), painting (watercolor – I learned from my father-in-law, Tony Hedrick), make-up (MAC is my fav.) and of course photography. I hope to always have hobbies that push me creatively! I’m a perfectionist so learning new things can put me in a bad mood…not so good. BUT the good news I usually learn quick and love the challenge.

That’s a little. More later.


Delly - July 8, 2011 - 8:32 am

Great post with lots of improatnt stuff.

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