“I just called to say I Love You!”

So many things are changing…the seasons, the leaves, my home, my kids…it feels like everything all at the same time. And when I feel that happening I get all nestalgic and want to call old friends and talk through this season and past seasons.

I called my sister the other night cause I was watching a movie that reminded me of her. I started the conversation by saying, “Guess what movie I’m watching…I quoted the line, “That’s a beautiful picture. Is that you and your mother? What are doing?” and she answers “Twirling!” My sister guessed the movie was “You’ve Got Mail” and then added…F-O-X Fox! I love that about sisters.

I talked to one of the girls that was my bridesmaid (she now lives in England) and we chatted about how we first met and didn’t like each other. Now, even when we don’t talk for ages, we can pick up the phone – no guilt and pick up right where we left off.

I’ve been receiving calls from friends offering to help with whatever need I have this week…all of those calls are saying “I Love You” and I needed that this week.

I’m happy seasons are changing. I just like sharing the process with you!


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