I lost it all in Vegas!

Well…I guess I didn’t lose it all but I did lose something extremely valuable to me.

Our second Christmas married, my husband surprised me by putting a ring in my stocking! We had set a limit on Christmas presents and neither one of us kept to the limit. I bought him a digital camera and he bought me the ring and more!

Picture me all pumped about being at my first Photography conference, taking notes like a mad women…and I looked down and saw…after only one day in Vegas.


My heart sank…of course there was no way I could retrace my steps in Vegas of all places. So instead, it makes for a sad story that is sad enough to make it on the blog.

A moment of silence for the lost diamond please…alright moving on!

Beka Haché - April 1, 2007 - 8:37 am

How sad!!!! I feel for ya… 🙁

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