I love my job!

I met with a couple this evening; we worked through the details of their wedding schedule, laughed, looked at albums, talked about pictures, and  mostly just dreamed about their day. What an incredible thing that me, a total stranger, gets to play a small role in that!

I never dreamed that when this hobby turned into a thriving business that I would love what I do so much! My favorite part is writing it as my profession “Professional Photographer!” Does that just sound cool? A close second is that this career made me start blogging and now I can’t stop!
I love that I’m still learning from every couple and from every wedding! All that precious knowledge pours into the next couple…it’s so great!

Well, I hope I haven’t talked all of you into becoming photographers and therefore talked myself out of a job. If I have, see you at the next Pictage meeting. 🙂


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