I’m home!

It’s so wonderful to be back…even though I had the best weekend! Flying in to Portland is absolutely gorgeous! The plane flies right past Mount Hood. Incredible, isn’t it? (and no I didn’t take this picture…got it from Wikipedia.com)


Since I was shooting a wedding of an old friend of mine, I went a little early and spent some time with the bride! Later, we met up with the wedding party for the rehearsal dinner. I knew a bunch of the group and it was great to reconnect!

It was 85 degrees on Saturday and 85 degrees on Monday but Sunday (the day of the wedding) was cold and rainy. How is it possible that I had two cold, rainy weddings in 2 weekends in August? Crazy! I need to bring a change of warm clothes from now on. Anyways, the weather didn’t matter because the pictures turned out beautiful. I’ll have them up in the next few days. I can’t wait to work on them!

Monday was icing on the cake…a couple of bridesmaids and I went downtown Portland, shopped, eat great food, and took pictures! I loved it. Wish you were there!


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