Key words: Photography, Wedding, Engagement, Twin Cities, MN…

I’m working with a web marketing guy who’s teaching my a ton about maximizing my Photography website! Key words are a huge portion of what I’m learning. At first I thought it was going to be totally confusing and over my head but, it turns out it all makes sense…I mean, I use the internet every day!

When you are doing a search you think in keywords (eg. if you want a Wedding Photographer you would search WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY) and when a keyword search gives you millions of options you figure out how to get the list down to a reasonable number right (eg. Professional Wedding Photographer, Twin Cities, MN?) Well, I want to be on the right Wedding and Portrait Photography lists and Google wants to get the people searching for a Profession Photographer to my site. I like that! But, I got to do it the Google way or it won’t work as well…it pays to speak their language!

Another way that really helps boast the ratings of my site and your site is links. What to link? As long as it helps both of us why not?

I’m learning so much…just thought I’d share a little. I’d love to learn more so if you’ve got insight on keywords or website ratings please write me and I’ll share your info with all my blog readers.

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