Looking back at Thanksgiving…

I love these next few pictures…they totally remind me of something taken in the 70’s!

Gramma Jeanne and my Adriah. Gramma brought the craft and Adriah is showing her how art is created!

I love the charming fake tattoos on her hands. She wouldn’t let me scrub those things so they peeled off painfully over the next week.

Here’s my babies: Adriah 3 1/2 and Leyton 7 months. These were taken the day after Thanksgiving! Right after the tree was put up and decorated.

This is me and my boy! I kiss him soooo much! Those chunky cheeks are so hard to resist! I love this shot cause there is such a twinkle in his eye!


Teri Sommer - December 23, 2008 - 8:44 am

All the pics are great, but I have to admit I love that last shot. So much fun!

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