I can’t thank you enough for your flexibility and willingness to do anything for a great shot! Even with tons of cameras pointed in your direction! I know you’re all waiting to see more of the pictures that were taken from that day.

Here’s a few for the Bensons:

Feel like you’re looking at JCrew models? I do.

Léa - November 11, 2008 - 5:58 am

hi Noemie..
just wanted to let your know that i really admire you, for the work you do and the way you run your business, it really inspires me! You don’t know me, i wish i had met you because you seem to be a great person to know! i know Matt a little bit, from BCOM.
You seem to handle family life and business really well! i am working on it…blessings! Léa Jones. thanks for you tips, my husband got me a great camera, but i haven’t taken the time to explore it, but your blog certainly pushes me to do so!

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