Molly and Andrew’s Wedding Pictures

Wow! I took more pictures at this wedding then I have at any other…AND it was a wet, freezing, windy day in August! Who would have thought? The best part was that it didn’t matter. There was love, warmth, and joy…enough to go around many times over!

This incredible couple learn a choreographed dance for their reception. When I took the pictures I told her she reminded me of “Belle.”

Remember, this is just a sample, all the rest will be on in the next few weeks. Be sure to pre-register and receive your gift certificate from NoemiPhotography!

Shari Schwarz - August 15, 2007 - 10:01 am

Hi Noemi,

You’re work is gorgeous…you have a special gift! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog a bit! I’m an old friend of Matt’s from BCOM and found your blog through Teri Sommer’s blog. My heart also goes out to you guys and your friends who have gone through so much with their babies this summer. I’m praying for them.

Shari Schwarz

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