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What decides success? Who defines it? Better yet who really achieves it? I remember when I worked full-time…at the end of the day I’d walk to my car and feel full cause I had done a ton, finished a bunch, solved problems and impacted people.

I was thinking about this a lot today. I had fun with my kids and didn’t “do” a whole lot besides “be” with them. I love being a mom and there’s so many times during the day that I laugh at my life…it’s a sweet gig! But, having said that, I didn’t “do” anything that fits into the category of a successful day. Unless the definition of success was: teaching my son blow bubbles and laugh, setting up the water slide and watching my daughter giggle while running through it and slide into the mud, listening to my mom and the hard things she’s going through, being there for my husband as he walks another family through the loss of a loved one. If this is success then I had a very successful day.

I know a write about a lot of different things on this blog and I know a lot of different people read it: brides wanting to get to know me, friends and family who want to stay up to date with what going on in my life, photographers who get bored editing their own pictures, women who starting reading because they were concerned about the Morrison babies and others who just stumbled on it. All that to say, today I want you to know what ever you did it was someone else’s definition of successful. If only we could all relax and enjoy our own lives. Instead of everything you didn’t do think about everything you did and did right!

hmmm. I’ll try to do that better tomorrow.

KS Dallas - July 29, 2008 - 12:36 pm

This is so freaky. Today I had a fortune cookie and it said “Success is a journey – not a destination”. How ironic that this is the subject of your blog!

I can’t say what success is for you or anyone else – each person has to determine that on their own – but I can say that I agree with the cookie – it is not a destination. It is about the journey and the paths you take along the way.

KS Dallas

Kristen - July 29, 2008 - 6:21 pm

Thanks for the encouraging words! It is so important to be. I believe God wants us to “be” more often.

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