Morrison6 – pictures at 15wks

I know that I’m going to see many small miracles in the course of Brianna’s pregnancy and the birth of these SIX babies. People that don’t even know the Morrisons writing encouraging notes, sending gifts, donating their time and money! Being in the center of organizing means I’m going to see it all and I know I’m going to stand back amazed.

Basic truth: It truely is a blessing to give and be generous but, I get so wrapped up in my own life, sometimes I forget!

One other thing I don’t want to forget…at the end of the day, Brianna is just my pregnant friend 🙂

I took her out on Friday…just the two of us! We shopped for shoes and enjoyed smoothies while sitting out in sun!


It was sooooo nice! And I highly recommend the Mango Smoothie from Panera!


Here’s to my hero…Brianna! I think the world of this couple and their maturity and courage through this whole process!

Fun Fact #1: Did you know that her heart pumps more then double the blood than the average pregnant woman?


Fun Fact #2: She’s supposed to consume 4000 calories a day!


Fun Fact #3: She just passed her start weight! YEAH! Because she lost so weight in the beginning she was always behind…but she’s finally passed it and hopes to gain 5 pounds a week!


Doesn’t she look GREAT! We are all delighting in their miracles!

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Rachel - April 24, 2007 - 7:37 am

It completely delights my heart to see pics of Brianna and your fun facts and the comments she gets from people, all that good stuff. I get teary-eyed everytime I see her pictures. And I’m so glad you guys got to go out the other day–glad and envious as well.
Your blog is lovely… I’ve enjoyed checking up on it ever since Tara pointed it out to me.
Take care and hope that snow has melted for ya!:-)

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