My little girl…

I have to tell you a couple of stories that I should be writing in some sort of kid book for Adriah to look back on when she’s a parent…but, instead I blog.

Today we were at the club and on our way out we grab samples of snack bags that LIFETIME was giving out for free. As we walked to the car I asked her what she was doing and she replied, “I’m reading” (which she totally can’t do yet) and I asked, “what does it say?” then she replied with a big smile, “Sugar, sugar, sugar…” I totally laughed out loud. Yep, she’s her mother’s daughter. And they were loaded with sugar.

Then when we got home she was playing dress up before her nap and when she was happy with her outfit she said, “Mom, I’m ready! Can you take a picture?” and when I paused because getting out my huge cameras is a pain sometimes…she said, “You can take it with your phone!” I laughed again and got my phone out. Sometimes it is better to have a point and shot that you use all the time for such moments as this one!

She is precious…just thought I’d share! Any other cute stories happen recently? Can’t wait to see what you send!

Beth from Iowa - September 12, 2008 - 3:00 pm

Last July I gave birth to my second son. A couple weeks after Brevyn came home from the hospital I was hurrying to get Graedyn, my 3 year old, ready for Vacation Bible School. Brevyn was crying as I rushed to help Graedyn get dressed. In a very calm voice Graedyn turned to Brevyn and said, “We don’t like that voice Brevyn. Please pick a new one to use.” Amazingly, Brevyn listened and stopped crying. It was painful to hold back the smile, but Graedyn looked so serious and proud that I didn’t dare giggle! What a reminder that they really do listen 🙂

PS….can’t wait until Brevyn is ready for a long car ride so that we can have you capture the boys together! Or maybe I should say….the parents are ready for a long car ride with Brevyn!

Denise - September 12, 2008 - 8:40 pm

My 5 year old son came into the living room tonight, gave me the cutest smile and said “Mommy, my piggy bank is hungry.” I said “oh it is, is it?” and he said “Yes, it wants some coins”

if this boy isn’t rich by 15 I will be shocked LOL

April - September 13, 2008 - 12:46 pm

Well here was my cute one that I posted on my blog the other day:

So, here is the tidbit that burst my bubble today. You know, not all moms are created equal and this will prove that!

I baked the cake and then frosted it (might I add very poorly) and quit before I made it worse. What is the deal with the cake pulling up when you are frosting it….WHERE WAS DAWN WHEN I NEEDED HER!!! This would never have happened to her, LOL! So, that was tough enough and the kids weren’t sure what to think. Then Duncan looks at the box, then looks at our cake and says that mommy must have done something wrong because it didn’t look like the one in the picture!

Thanks honey for the vote of confidence! Minsan tried to explain it to him that the cake can be made differently, but I doubt Duncan was convinced because right before bed he suggested that maybe daddy should make the next one since he will probably get it right! Yep, not all moms are created equal and thanks to my momma, I am not that much of a baker and so I have sooooo not mastered cake baking! Maybe having the Cold Spring Bakery cakes like we usually do would be better after all, LOL!

Chandra - September 13, 2008 - 8:50 pm

I am 35 weeks pregnant with my third baby and am planning to have the baby at home with my 3 and 5 year old daughters present. My three year old asked me how the baby would come out of my belly. Because she will witness the event, I was totally honest with her about which body part the baby would emerge from. Her response was this: “It’s going to come out of your bagina?!? (she pronounces her v’s with a ‘b’ sound)” ” Well, you’re going to have to pull down your pants!”
I laughed so hard that I nearly wet my pants! She was very matter of fact about it. What cracked me up the most is that she had no issue with an 7.5 lb baby coming out of my vagina, she was only concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do it with my pants on!
I wrote it in her album (I’m a scrapbooker) and it’s going in the baby’s album too!

Jac Senske - September 15, 2008 - 7:15 am

Wow, I love her! I can just see her doing that! Thanks for sharing moments with Adriah – you are so good at re-focusing even when you are crazy busy with work and 2 kids! Ummm, cute stories?! Well, since my little man is just 2 months old, he’s smiling at me and it melts my heart. Today I was reading a book to him about the zoo and he giggled…he has only done that once before so of course I wrote it down to remember the day 🙂 I’m such a first-time-mom…

cyndee - September 16, 2008 - 7:41 am

Three and four year olds have to be the BEST source of “quotable cuteness!” Here’s one from my four-year old granddaughter earlier this summer: One day my daughter used the word “facetious” in front of the little one. She asked what it meant, mom told her and then proceeded to say, “Now that you have a new word, make sure you use it.” Later that week, while having lunch with my 21-year old son, she said, “Uncle Joel, are you being facetious?” (He was.) After gaining control of his faculties, he couldn’t WAIT to get her home and find out where that one came from! Ahhh, Christin….she keeps us laughing all the time! 🙂

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