My PUG – Topic: Blogging

All shoots are uploaded to and through the online service I meet monthly with a PUG group. Basically 10-20 Pictage photographers get together to sharpen each other and I learn a ton every time I go! Everyone I shoot benefits…tonight we talked about blogging!

Here’s what I learned:

  1. Blog more often.
  2. Add actions to my pictures.
  3. Link to for cool filmstrip-like slides.
  4. Figure out how to use showit slides on my blog. 🙁 YIKES!
  5. Write more about what’s going in my life and around me! That’s what makes my blog unique and worth coming to visit!

Hey, if you’re reading this LINK TO ME AND READ ME EVERY DAY! Tell me and I’ll link to you! We all benefit and it’s a happy world!

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