3 Week Old Twins…Jethro and Judah

Ok, Funny story…You know how we’re always being saturated with peaceful sleeping shots of newborn babies; nude, resting on their parents arms or laying on their shoulder? I thought I’d try this with twins…unfortunately the combinations of being cold and no diaper is a receipe for disaster! Within seconds Jethro had peed all over his dad and Judah let out a couple of squirts!!!!!

It’s only funny because it wasn’t you this happened to! Never-the-less I got great shots…here’s a peek.


Can you see the trickle out the bottom left? Thankfully dad was a good sport about the whole thing!


I love a challenge! And  shooting newborn babies is hit or miss with one, but two? I love the emotion in the boys faces.


In the end, we did put them back into cuddly sleepers and they were happy about that! The shoot ended peacefully…boys in momma’s arms. Want to see more!?!

Got any funny stories from having your kids picture taken? I’d love to hear about it!

Tara - April 8, 2007 - 2:42 pm

I love it! That’s a solid trickle that you documented if I do say so myself:) Hilarious. It was SOOOOO funny to all be laughing together while it was happening. I love that you just kept clicking though — this is the good stuff that you can’t plan or pose for. Incredible. I can’t wait to see all the package when it’s ready! ps — I emailed out your blog link to a bunch of folks and added your site as a link on our website:) God BLESS you and the passion He’s releasing in you!

Documenting Sextuplets!

This is crazy…and incredible! One of my closest friends (Brianna Morrison) found out that she’s having 6 babies at one time!


I’m over the shock of it, but take a minute to think about the logistics and you may need to sit down.

Here’s the lovely couple. Married just under 2 years and I think they’re both 24!


She’s got tons of support from family, friends and through our church but she’s going to need SOOOO MUCH MORE. So, I decided to document to growing of the belly…A, B, C, D, E, F!


I took pictures at 8 weeks!


And just yesterday I was visiting her and got 13 week pictures! All the babies are doing great…strong heart beats and everyone is measuring well within normal range!



They’ve started a website so you can follow there progress and help with the incredible amount of “STUFF” they are going to need! Check it out: www.morrison6.com.

Knowing that life is miracle; Ryan and Brianna find themselves incredibly blessed! You can help by linking their website to your blog and telling all your friends about this miracle…well, it’s really six miracles!


Introducing Adriah…my little girl!

I had an up and down day with my little girl! Adriah will be 2 in a couple of weeks and parenting her keeps me on my toes. She’s loving life one minute and on the floor whining the next…sheer entertainment.


Here’s a glimpse into my life…outside of photography! These are my passions. There is nothing more irresitable then her small voice asking me to “com-min” follow her with all our bags in tow!


I got the equipment I ordered from WPPI in the mail yesterday and this was my first opportunity to use my new Canon lense (50mm – 1.2). IT’S AMAZING! Can’t wait to try it on my brides this summer!

Bernt - April 4, 2007 - 9:27 am

I love the blog Noemi! I also love the pics. They always seem to brighten my day. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep reading.

Photography is my passion!

I’m still buzzing from the Vegas conference! My husband tells me I haven’t stopped talking about photography and related plans since I’ve come home. I can’t help it! I’ve learned so much about myself and the passion God put inside me for capturing moments and telling peoples stories, I want everyone to know I’m doing what makes me happy!

I know what kind of photographer I want to be and want kind of photographer I’m not. That’s comforting…I don’t want to try and be something I’m not, but at the same time I want to keep learning and growing in my trade.

Things are good. Business is booming.