The Photos of VEGAS!


I’m back from the WPPI conference in Las Vegas! I thought I’d document the last day for the blog…not a lot of words! Let’s let the pictures do the talking!

Did you know there are escalators outside in Vegas? I didn’t. It was great to glide everywhere…especially in 2 inch heels! 🙂


It wasn’t all work we had some play! This is Alexander and Tiffany by the pool!


We stayed at the Flamingo but, conferenced at Bally’s…It was gorgeous at night!


One of my FAV. mentors was Mike Colon! He’s a big wig from California and all around “nice guy.” Live models and untouched photos are the best way to do it.


So, they mispelled Prairie…WPPI’s expertise is in Photography, not spelling!


After a week of being saturated with knowledge and inspiration…I had lots to be happy about!


And that’s everything! Noemi Hedrick, reporting live from Las Vegas, Nevada!

Pictage – Viewing Your Pictures Online

What is Pictage? My definition: It’s all-in-one website that allows you to go online and view, manage, share, and purchase your photos. And then, for photographers it does everything that we used to do: developing, printing, billing, and sending the product.  Check out my portfolio collection of wedding and engagement portraits!

I wasn’t a believer at first! But here’s all the reasons I signed up

-Professional customer service and troubleshooting.

-Anyone who was at the wedding (or wasn’t able to come) has the ability to sign in and view all your pictures at no cost!

-Even though the bride and groom receive a DVD, it releases them from the responsibility of printing individual pictures for everyone in the family. Now everyone can go online and order what ever they want!

-It ensures that everyone is getting professional quality images. AND I want my pictures to be produced by professionals (no offense to Walmart or Sam’s Club!)

-PLUS, I’m able to give everyone who pre-registers a $5.oo gift certificate towards their first order.

I got on-board for weddings but now I’m making it available to everyone I shoot for. If your paying to have a professional photographer shoot…it means you care about the pictures…Pictage will give you quality – even if it is more than Walmart!

Wedding Mishaps and Ways to Avoid Them!

I am a wedding photographer…that has been established. It means that I have been a part of many weddings and I get to see the behind-the-scenes “drama”. I’ve learned a thing or two. Not enough for a best selling book but, perfect for my blog.

Let’s get to it…

Mishap #1 = “Where are the flowers? We’re ready for the pictures to start.” 🙁

*Always try to arrange for the flowers to be dropped off before the beginning of the pictures so even if they’re late (which happens!) we will have them for the majority of pictures.

Mishap #2 – “The schedule revolves around our transportation and we the limo hasn’t shown up.”

*Always plan extra time for commuting and allow for “things” to pop up. My advice is for the bride and photographer to stay close and make use of the time you’re waiting!

Mishap #3 – “The Brides bouquet fell apart an hour into shooting…yikes!”

*Always have the florists number for the day of the wedding and make sure she’s reachable! That goes for all types of service. Don’t leave your wedding notes at home! Have everything in your phone and in your personal attendants phone. Just incase.

Mishap #4 – “The bride and groom are with the photographer but the wedding party is lost!”

*Always make sure that someone in the wedding party knows where they are going and has the means to connect with the bride(and party) if things get confusing. Personal attendants are wonderful…give them everything they need to help you make the day smooth!

 Mishap #5 – “The tux arrived and the sizes are wrong.”

*Try to rearrange the jackets between the groomsmen (and ushers) making the mistake less obvious and keep the jackets on for the pictures so the pants don’t show as much. In most cases, nobody else will notice unless you draw attention to it…so don’t! AND after that, make sure they get their money back.

I hope this is helpful. AND I hope you don’t need any of this advice because your day is flawless!

Engagement Pictures

Probably 50% of my clients this year asked to trade out their engagement pictures for an extra hour of shooting the day of the wedding. I want to be flexible but I also want clients to see the value of the engagement session.

Getting your picture taken is not easy for some. AND getting your picture taken by a stranger is harder. AND getting your picture taken when there’s pressure to produce the greatest shots ever is even harder. The engagement session helps us work out all the bugs…so all these reason it will be a part of all my packages next year!


I usually talk to the bride and groom about a location that is meaningful to them as a couple. Here’s a few locations I recommend: Centennial Lakes, Edina , Harriet Island and Harriet Island Regional Park, St. Paul (click here to watch video), Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens, and for more informal shots any kids play area and forest will do!


List of things to bring:

-engagement ring

-one or two extra shirts (I take a lot of pictures and it’s nice to have a couple different looks)

-any unique “memory-type-things” (eg. stuff animal given on first date, jewelry, a card or anything else that makes you laugh!)


Come to your engagement photo session expecting to have fun…I do!I’m currently booking engagement sessions so if you haven’t nailed down a date contact me a.s.a.p. with some dates that will work!

Beka Haché - April 1, 2007 - 8:49 am

Noemi, you did our engagement photos and our wedding – both were amazing! I would totally take the time to recommend the engagement shoot to anybody.

Wedding day photos are priceless, but I treasure our engagement photos immensely. Having beautiful pictures capturing that new love with your best friend – there is nothing like it!

There is definitely something special about our engagement photos that isn’t captured in the formal beauty of our wedding. I love them!