Pictage – Viewing Your Pictures Online

What is Pictage? My definition: It’s all-in-one website that allows you to go online and view, manage, share, and purchase your photos. And then, for photographers it does everything that we used to do: developing, printing, billing, and sending the product.  Check out my portfolio collection of wedding and engagement portraits!

I wasn’t a believer at first! But here’s all the reasons I signed up Pictage.com:

-Professional customer service and troubleshooting.

-Anyone who was at the wedding (or wasn’t able to come) has the ability to sign in and view all your pictures at no cost!

-Even though the bride and groom receive a DVD, it releases them from the responsibility of printing individual pictures for everyone in the family. Now everyone can go online and order what ever they want!

-It ensures that everyone is getting professional quality images. AND I want my pictures to be produced by professionals (no offense to Walmart or Sam’s Club!)

-PLUS, I’m able to give everyone who pre-registers a $5.oo gift certificate towards their first order.

I got on-board for weddings but now I’m making it available to everyone I shoot for. If your paying to have a professional photographer shoot…it means you care about the pictures…Pictage will give you quality – even if it is more than Walmart!

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