Pictures of our Beloved Church Staff Guys!

We have an incredible group of young ministers at our church an I’m blessed by all the ways they serve our congreagation and my family! More than that…they are fun to be around AND passionate about serving our community!


It’s not the easiest to capture guys, especially when they’re uncomfortable with getting their picture taken, but we had fun anyway! Here’s a couple of shots from our freezing photoshoot yesterday morning…



Don’t you just love Pastor Matt?


For more information:

Dave - April 19, 2007 - 8:49 am

these could possibly be the hottest collection of 30 somethings ever. Admit it, Noemi, your job was easy. You can’t take a bad shot of this bunch!

Nicole Grenz - April 26, 2007 - 12:15 am

Oh my–I know you!

OK, I don’t know YOU, but your husband went to Bethel Sem w/ my husband. I think its the funniest thing that I stumbled across your site because of the news story on the Morrison’s tonight (channel 11.) I googled Morrison sextuplets, & read some entries (while my emotions ranged from nearly breaking into tears thinking of the lack of sleep with 6, & all that work– to how amazing & unbelievable & fortunate they are!) all the while in awe over the gorgeous photos on their site. I read that you had taken many of them, & followed a link to your church, where I saw Matt’s name & then it clicked (the name.) I then searched the site for a picture of him to confirm that it was the same Matt, but couldn’t find one.

I didn’t waste much time before I went to your site to look at all these awesome pictures. I LOVE photos, & would love to be this good! I really enjoyed looking through your pictures & reading the info on the Morrisons. I will have to check out your prices, as I’d love to get some cool pictures taken of our 4 little cuties all together at some point. (Probably not til the youngest can walk–or at least sit up!) It’s too hard for me to get them all to do what I want & to take the pictures as well; & Aaron, acting as my assistant, gives up a little too easily when they get difficult. (-; Besides–yours look 100 times better than mine would anyway!

I am eager to read more about the Morrisons, and all of the awesome things that are sure to happen in their near future! Hopefully I can find some way to be of assistance to them, but I don’t yet know how.

Thanks for providing the beautiful pictures. It was truly the highlight of my day! I just talked to Aaron (he’s out of town,) and he said he hasn’t talked with Matt since Bethel, but that he was just thinking of him on Sunday. Strange how that works. If he wants, he can check out Aaron’s blog at

I hope to enjoy viewing more of your photography in the future–maybe even on our walls! (-: AND, I’ll be watching the Morrison’s blog for some great stories as well.

Say HI to Matt for us (or see if he remembers who the “Grenz’s” are?) Best wishes in your future endeavors!

Nicole Grenz

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