Pictures that capture moments…

I spend most of my extra time taking pictures, working on editing pictures, thinking about new ideas for pictures, looking at other people’s pictures…not wanting the boring old snapshots in my personal or professional life. I LOVE PICTURES! I always have. That’s probably why I love my job so much. It doesn’t get old for me because I’m constantly creating.

When I look back at pictures I relive every moment of that memory. It’s so funny now, looking back, I notice all my flaws as a photographer but I don’t care because I have a picture that helps me remember a moment. Life is short. And I’d rather remember that moment through a blurry image than not at all.

What am I saying? Even though I spend lots of time getting better at taking pictures I firmly believe that any picture is better then none at all!

So let yourself take a ton of pictures this Christmas…even the boring snapshot kind! 20 Years from now you’ll be glad you did!

James Helms - December 24, 2008 - 6:49 pm

I got a new digital camera for my birthday. Sadly, I always forget to take pictures with it! I think I’ll go take a few right now…thanks for the reminder.

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