Rain, rain, go away?

Normally I’d be bummed about the amount of rain we’ve had over the last couple of days but, it’s been fun to watch my plants come alive. It’s a funny thing buying a house in October…I never got to see the plants bloom last year so, I’m pleasantly surprised every time I look out my window. Seriously, every day I’m like, “Ohh there’s a plant there? I thought that was a bunch of weeds.” I don’t have any plant/garden knowledge but, I plan to learn. I think it’s a part of loving your home and getting older…I don’t know why but, mostly older people love gardening…maybe they know something I don’t! AND I am getting older…so maybe it’s just time!

I had all these lofty ideals of planting a veggie garden but, it’s all a bit overwhelming at the moment! There’s so much that still needs to be done inside our home. So, my neighbor came up with the greatest idea! Since we’re both stay at home mom’s we’re going chose a different farm’s market to explore every other week this summer and we’re going to find out what we love, what grows well in Minnesota, what grows easily and any other questions that come up. I know I’ll have tons! I’m totally excited to do research and be ready for the green thumb I’m going to grow for next year!

We just ordered blinds (tired of feeling like I being watched!) and I had no idea how much it would cost to cover windows…seriously! Curtains are next. I’m a creative person you’d think it would be easy for me to pick out creative parts of my home but, I get so overwhelmed by all the options and I can talk myself in or out of every idea! AUGGH! I understand why people pay someone to come in and pick it for them…but, that’s not an option for me! I just have to decide and return it if it’s the wrong choice. I just like to make the right choice the first time…and not waste time. Oh well. I’ll let you know how it goes. Any suggestions before I buy?


KS Dallas - April 30, 2009 - 9:08 am

You are right on target with me – again. The other day I was out front doing something and noticed a small little rose bush with 2 red miniature roses on it. It was like “oh look – I have roses!”. The best feeling for me is the back yard. I recently took out the old broken down hot tub and pool that came with the house. A couple of weeks ago I was able to get the sod down (in between rain storms) and it is so great to see it turning green! To finally have a yard of grass for the kid and dogs is going to be wonderful!!!

I have been in my house since July and I am still struggling with colors, too. I want to add some color and style but it is very overwhelming. I do have blinds in but no curtains (because I haven’t decided on colors!). My plan is to start with the master bathroom. It is a small area that really only I will see so I can play around with it. I hope that once I get my bathroom done – I will be able to carry over the style/colors into my bedroom. If I can accomplish that – maybe the ideas for the rest of the house will just start popping??


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