Sextuplets at 20 weeks!

This was a week of firsts for the Morrisons…

1. Ryan and Brianna had their 2nd anniversary. They celebrated (in the hospital) with Redstone barbeque ribs take-out and chicken flatbread appetizer.

2. Sextuplets are now 20 weeks.

FUNFACT #1: Babies permanent teeth are starting to form behind baby teeth!

FUNFACT #2: Eyebrows are formed!

FUNFACT #3: Their hair is beginning to grow!

3. Ryan had his 24th birthday.

4. Brianna’s stopped eating Targets Archer’s Farm brand of salt and vinegar and now she craves Cheerios all the time!

5. Babies are moving all the time! Ryan felt his first kick (or punch!) from Baby C!

The next ultrasounds are in two weeks! Stay tuned for more exciting news about the Morrisons.

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Vicki - May 22, 2007 - 5:14 pm

How can you change from salt and vinegar chips to Cheerios? There’s no contest. But I guess if you’re gonna crave one…Cheerios is better. 🙂 Thanks for the update! Vicki

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