Sextuplets M-Team

I’ve known Brianna since her first year at Bethany College of Missions and when she got pregnant with 6 babies I knew I wanted to help! I didn’t know that helping would mean heading up the commitee (called M-team) for the Morrisons, but there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing!


Here’s how you can get involved:

Step ONE – anyone (and I mean ANYONE) who’s interested in helping the Morrisons will go to their website ( and fill out the inquiry on the “How to Help” page! Be as specific as you can about the areas you’d like to serve.

Step TWO - I (Noemi) will receive the email and redirect you to the person leading/organizing that area! (eg. fundraising, childcare, corporate sponsorships etc.) We want to be sure that we are utilizing our resources as effectively as possible!

Step THREE – You receive an email or phone call to discuss how (specifically) you can help! 

We’re excited to bless the Morrisons!


YEAH! Let the planning begin!

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