Sextuplets – My thoughts…

I wasn’t going to blog anything more today but, I changed my mind. Every news station and paper is wanting a story on this incredible couple. Here’s my story on them…

From the moment they found out they were having six babies they have dealt with people’s criticisms, comments and concerns. Ryan and Brianna have held strong to the truth the God is the giver of life and being blessed with 6 is a gift they would receive with joy! I have watched Brianna through every stage of nausea, bloated feet, stretching/sore tummy, medical procedures and bed rest…I can safely say she is one of the bravest people I have ever known and I am so proud of her!

Ryan has amazed me. He’s been at her side showering her with love and providing for her ever need at step of the way! He is a wonderful husband who desperately loves his wife. This is just a couple who wanted to have kids. And this process has turned them into my heros. I love them dearly. I’m happy to know they are doing well and their babies are receiving the best care available. The doctors and nurses at Abbott and Children’s have been incredible.

Thank you for your concern and prayers.

Jacquelyn Senske - June 12, 2007 - 7:45 am

Noemi, I check your blog almost everyday. I love hearing your thoughts, viewing your beautiful photography, and being inspired by your honesty to everyone who reads your blog. Thank you for your thoughts on Ryan, Brianna and their 6 miracles. It is amazing how quickly word travels and how the Lord intricately designs His plan and purpose. Ryan & Brianna do have an incredible faith and I wanted to thank you for sharing your observations. Through hardship, criticism and trials, they have pulled through and pulled through with grace and beauty…praise the Lord for that!
Have a great day today, my dear, and thanks again for giving us all a little piece of your world…

Kirstin - June 12, 2007 - 1:25 pm

It is clear what gifts you have received from this family–I’d just like to encourage you in the amazing gifts you are giving them, too. We are all praying for the health and welfare of these tiny babies–as the mom of twins who were born at a little over 23 weeks and who died the same day (at that point it was considered too young for the NICU), I can tell you that the one thing I wished I had more than anything were professional photos of my pregnancy and of my cherished daughters who I never saw again after we were released from the hospital. I know this family will be blessed throughout their lifetime by having such loving and beautiful documentation of their journey and their sweet babies, whether they are here for a day or 100 years.
Thank you for your work-
a mom in Oregon

Keri Bearder - June 13, 2007 - 4:30 pm

I am praying for these babies constantly. I start tearing up every time I think of what the parents are going through, but praise God that they made it until this week!! I know of two other amazing success stories that are very close to me – one of my friends adopted a beautiful little girl that was born at 22 weeks, weighing only one pound. Her mom was on crack, so she had that additional strike against her but pulled through and is doing great at a year and a half now! Another friend has a sister that was pregnant with twins and the amniotic sack started leaking at week 22. The baby girls were born at 30 week, but the one girl’s lungs were still at week 22. Now, three weeks later, little Anna is doing great and is breathin on her own half the time!!! The doctors didn’t expect her to make it one day, but she sure showed them!

I am praying for a miracle that astounds the biggest skeptic with these little ones, and that God will get all the glory! I anxiously await any updates and will continue to pray.

Becky - June 15, 2007 - 4:47 pm


Thank you for your blog. Please let Ryan and Brianna know that we’re out here thinking about them and praying for their family. Much love to all of you.


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