Sextuplets UPDATE!

Brianna is 19 weeks and 1 day pregnant with Sextuplets…SIX BABIES! She “survived” her first of two very long ultrasounds today and I have some fun stats to report on! At first glance the ultrasound technician thinks they are having 4 Boys and 2 Girls. We’ll know more tomorrow when they scan the other 3 babies. It’s all very exciting!!!! 

Here’s the results:

Baby A – Girl, measuring 19 wks and 1 day, around 9 ounces (weight) and 8-9 inches (length).

Baby B – Boy, measuring 19 wks and 3 days, around 9 ounces and 8-9 inches.

Baby C – Boy, measuring 19 wks and 3 days, around 10 ounces and 8-9 inches.

AND I’m happy to add that all 3 have healthy, thriving hearts, brains and bones!

FunFact: If all the rest of the kids measure the same range, Brianna will have 4-4.5 feet of baby in her belly right now! CRAZY!

As far as names go, they aren’t telling until the babies are born! They had 3 girl names that they were pretty set on but, they’ll need to adjust them now that they may be having more boys.

Brianna, Ryan and the babies are doing very well! Keep praying for their growing family. To find out how you can get more involved:

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