Sharing Creativity

I got an email from a fellow blog reader asking about using some of my photos for ideas for marketing her jewelry. At first I was totally flattered, then I starting thinking about it itmore and told her that creativity is not copyright-able. She’s not using my pictures; she’s looking at the pictures and getting inspired…building on my creativity. That is the beauty of an art form! It ever-changing because we learn from each other and add our bits. Right? We need to grow (stretch ourselves YES!) but, also study every artist around us!

I love her reply:

As for creativity, indeed, not something copyrighteable. As I hear
someone explain, inspiration comes from life. It’s all around us. The
creativity comes when we are able to “harness” that inspiration. I am
thankful for that inspiration that only comes from God. I love being
inspired from/by other artists as well. You are so right that it is
how we all keep growing.

Thank you again and I wish you all the blessings that God has for
you, your family and your business.


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