Taking Pictures…all the time!!!

I remember a time when I wondered if I could get enough work for me to stay home with my daughter. Not only am I able to stay home, the business is thriving! I have 11 weddings in the next 12 weekends! Aughhh! It’s a little scary but, mostly it’s a dream come true! I will be one busy lady; thankfully I’m busy doing what I love!

I was taking family portraits this morning and the mom gave me the ultimate compliment she said she chose me because she could tell by my pictures that I care about people. Wow! That’s what I want and was so great to hear. I want my clients to have fun and remember the laughs when they see their pictures.

I’m learning every shoot because every client is so unique. Needless to say, shooting newborns is a little different then shooting a wedding or a family reunion! I love the variety this job brings and I love the constant interaction with people.

Please hang with me over the 3 months. I’ll do my best to keep the blogging up (mostly cause it’s a highlight of every day) but, busyness may effect my daily routine!


Beth from Iowa - July 29, 2007 - 9:14 pm

I truly meant it!!!! Just wanted to make sure that your ankles weren’t still itching 🙂 Everyone here is poison ivy free! After catching up on your blog and seeing the amazing family sessions…it makes us even more anxious to see our photos. We will wait patiently, knowing that the result will definitely be worth the wait! It sounds funny to say, but we really enjoyed our morning with you…funny because usually a photo session with our son is about as stressful as going to the dentist 🙂 Thanks for making it so much fun! We had an amazing weekend with our family and are back home now unpacking..definitely my least favorite part of a trip 🙂

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