Technical Problems…

Working with computers all the time is a blessing and a curse. If you work with them; you know exactly what I mean. The last couple of days have not been good for me. I have a personality that LOVES to do things quickly and be ahead of schedule. WELL…my computer doesn’t have the same personality! Who knew? I’m fixing the problem today by buying a desktop with AMAZING amounts of memory and a huge screen! It’s time to step up and love my computer again!

To anyone who’s waiting on pictures…they are on the way! Give me a couple days grace and you will have them in hand!

I know fighting with a computer is normal, but I don’t like interruptions. 🙂 We’ll work it out and be back on track!

How’s that for the most boring blog ever!? I guess it means you’ll really appreciate the next one! Thanks for reading.

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