The Henriksen family!

As you know, I mostly shoot weddings during the summer season but sometimes I get a call for family photography…this was one of those calls! But instead of actual kids in this family they have a very sweet black dog that they saved from the humane society. It took “Cody” a while to warm up to me but, in the end we became good friends. In a lot of ways working with a high-strung dog is like trying to photograph toddlers! They never sit still…and I love a challenge!

Jacquelyn - September 12, 2007 - 9:58 am

Was this Johnathan Henrickson? I went to highschool and college with him! How fun that the blog I check DAILY was a blast from the past for me! Thanks, once again, for making me smile today! You are such a blessing in my day!

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