The Photos of VEGAS!


I’m back from the WPPI conference in Las Vegas! I thought I’d document the last day for the blog…not a lot of words! Let’s let the pictures do the talking!

Did you know there are escalators outside in Vegas? I didn’t. It was great to glide everywhere…especially in 2 inch heels! 🙂


It wasn’t all work we had some play! This is Alexander and Tiffany by the pool!


We stayed at the Flamingo but, conferenced at Bally’s…It was gorgeous at night!


One of my FAV. mentors was Mike Colon! He’s a big wig from California and all around “nice guy.” Live models and untouched photos are the best way to do it.


So, they mispelled Prairie…WPPI’s expertise is in Photography, not spelling!


After a week of being saturated with knowledge and inspiration…I had lots to be happy about!


And that’s everything! Noemi Hedrick, reporting live from Las Vegas, Nevada!

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