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It’s my birthday…I can write whatever I want to!

I was thinking about the interviews I’ve seen on E-news (mainly Jennifer Lawrence…I love her!) and how they ask pointed questions to get thoughtful answers. That’s what we’re going to do for today’s post. What are your deep thoughts for this year? “Whenever anyone asked my Grandma how old she was, her answer was always […]

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FOCUSED Photography and Social Media Workshop

I love teaching Photography Workshops and getting to join with Cate from Wildruffle made this last workshop so special! The combination of Photography and Social Media in a Workshop was a big hit. We purposely focused on product shooting for the practical portion of the workshop…a bit of a twist! We knew the small business women […]

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Crying over spilled milk…

A couple of weeks ago I went grocery shopping and in the frigid temps the milk lid cracked and a little bit of milk spilled in my trunk. The milk crystalized and I took it to be detailed the next morning thinking that would take care of it. Nope. Within a couple of days our […]

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