Traveling with an Toddler!

I wrote this blog right after we got back…sorry for the late upload!

We planned our travel perfectly…or so we thought! As most parents of a toddler we plan around naps, meals, and bedtime! But sometimes things are out of our hands. We were supposed to fly direct from Charlotte to Minneapolis and arrive around Adriah’s bedtime (7pm)…our flight was delayed because of weather and re-routed to the Raleigh airport and then came to Charlotte, but we didn’t arrive home until 1pm! My little girl isn’t a kid to curl up and fall asleep on us…so she watched the Wiggles and climbed all over the chairs for 2 hours.

Things we brought to entertain our kid (and suggest for anyone traveling with a toddler):

– New books (with stickers is always great!)

– Mechanical toys that take thought and time to figure out!

– Coloring books or Playdoh

– New snacks (but not tons of sugar cause that could back fire BIG TIME!)

– AND if all else fails…DVD’s bring a laptop or IPOD and let it do it’s magic!

 Things I don’t suggest to bring to entertain your toddler:

– Caffinated drinks or chocolate covered coffee beans!

– Powdered donuts!

– Small animals or worse, your pet fish.

– Skipping rope 🙂

The upside is that she slept until 10:45am and then went down for her regular nap and sleep another 2 hours! She’s a star! And has recovered from our travels quite well.

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