Updates on Morrison Sextuplets!

Today Brianna has reached 22 weeks and the babies are doing AMAZING! I had a long conversation with her over the phone…cause I’m still in South Carolina having a wonderful vacation! She’s in great spirits even if she is getting too big to move around.

If you’d like to see pictures from the pictures Ryan’s taken these past two weeks check out Morrison6.com…the hospital room, Brianna’s belly, and life on bedrest!

Last week she had a quick ultrasound to check the heart beats and all are strong; within normal range! Baby F moved the entire time and has the fastest heart rate! We can’t wait to meet this little girl. 🙂 The technician said she’s the most photogenic…I know we’ll be good friends!

Next week she’ll have another 2 part ultrasound (Wednesday and Thursday) we’ll learn how much they’ve grown! Those updates are always my favorites! Of course these updates will be on www.WCCO.com/morrisons.


1. Brianna is doing so well that when the Doctors make their daily visits conversation is about her new pictures and the state of her room rather then needed medical procedures! That’s great!

2. She’s feeling movement almost all the time…constant interaction with her little ones. Brianna told me she had a revelation, “This is the only time I’ll be able to hold all my babies at once!”

3. There are 2 other women currently pregnant with Sextuplets (in Arizona at 29weeks and Florida at 16-ish weeks).

for more info: www.noemiphotography.com

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