Vacation coming to an end!

The wonderful thing about being on vacation is that you are away from all the distractions of normal life. Time to read, laugh with family, stare at the stars, and so much more…I had big plans for today (canoeing, hiking etc) but, it’s raining! So, we’ll have to figure things out and be inside! Yikes.

My big mission today is to capture Adriah and her cousins (Jomei and Tayus) so I can print pictures! They change so quickly and I want to remember every stage, every vacation, every moment…it’s tough living in different countries from your family!

I can’t wait to share the pictures I’ve taken so far! AND the amazing pictures my brother took of our family yesterday! I feel like I personally know why people pay the big bucks for photographers to capture their families. It’s an amazing feeling to have this moment frozen with style;to be cherished forever. I’m so busy taking the pictures I can forget the gift it is! Adriah will never be this age again!

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