Warm Weather makes everything better…

…we arrived yesterday and it was 80 degrees! Today was even warmer. You don’t really know how much you miss the sun until you’re in it again. Adriah had a kinda rough time. She kept saying she was hot, tired, needing shade, thirsty…and many more complaining remarks! Bummer that this was our “fun day at the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa!”Thankfully we’re here for the week so they don’t think this is how she is all the time.

The riverbanks zoo was tons of fun for Matt and I cause we awesome cameras and lenses! We loved the sun, the animals and the photo ops!

I heard Minnesota got snow. Sorry…well sort of sorry…I kinda like that it’s snowing while we’re away. Does that make me mean? Don’t worry I’ll be back in the snow soon enough!


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