What I love about weddings!

Some of my favorite moments at weddings is with the wedding party and family. (Of course I love interacting with the Bride and Groom, that’s a given!) But, laughing with the family is so fun and precious. It’s amazing how little time you can spend with some people and feel totally bonded to them…what better way then joining of the most important days of their lives! Now, having said that, know that every family is different and I make it my personal challenge to figure them out to get the best pictures.

I love glowing brides, sheepish grins, teary eyed grooms, best friend hugs and mixing of different worlds!

What else do I love? The constant pressure! It doesn’t matter what weather, church, season, or the people…I gots to gets good pix!

I’m already doing consultations for 2008 and even that part I love! Meeting new couples, hearing their stories, wanting to do everything I can to make their day amazing and give them pictures that will last a lifetime! Who gets to do that as a career!??? I’m so lucky!

The number one thing people say to me is “It’s obvious you love what you do!” And that’s the truth. Keep ’em coming!


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